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Kinga Orsolya Szilagyi

You can become the master of your life and your destiny!

Unknown, is the fact that the unconscious family patterns, mistaken beliefs, and childhood upbringing can determine the way you experience the life you live. 

When looking for the key to a happy life you must also look for the keyhole that the key fits into.

Unlock your and your family's past and open the door to your best life! 





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Kinga Orsolya Szilagyi


Kenn Yeates

If you are looking at doing a family constellation I would highly recommend working with Kinga.


Sara Cesare

But one thing that I really put the emphasis on is actually Kinga , her professionalism and her delivery in her services.


Lesley Thompson

I highly recommend Kinga as an empathetic, highly intuitive and knowledgeable healer.

White Feather

Interview for Body and Mind

Nirvana Spirit Lange chats with Kinga Szilagyi about how numerology helps you to understand the dynamics in your relationships 

Joy: A Companion to Love? (Chats About God 9 with Shellee-Kim Gold and Kinga)

Laughter Yoga on Radio! 

Interview forThe Wellness and Lifestyle Conference by Steph @theitinerantmage 

A little bit about Kinga and Inner Luminescence, the choices we make, truth and Family Constellations

Interview forThe Wellness and Lifestyle Conference by Steph @theitinerantmage 

A chat about if your fate is really yours?

Presentation -  Iwri’s 1st International Scientific & Pedagogical E-conference

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Numerology Interview with Nirvana Spirit

KindaSound Radio; Shelee-Kim Gold

Come and Laugh with me!

Laughter Yoga 

My show starts at 43:39 minutes into the broadcast

Who is Kinga? Interview with Steph

Is your fate really yours? Interview with Steph

This link has other interviews next to mine, don't be surprised! Enjoy!

Introduction to the relations between personal and social consciousness

and intergenerational trauma by Kinga Orsolya Szilagyi


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Your Session

Inner Luminescence is about accessing your unique shine. Your light. And growing this luminescence to heal you so that you can live the life you choose, fully. Every session is as unique as the client. I draw from a range of techniques and may integrate one or more of the following: Family and Systemic Constellations, Emotional Intelligence, Cognitive Behavior, Life and Business Coaching, Counseling, Art Therapy, Laughter Therapy, and Intuitive Healing practices. I offer one-to-one, group, and corporate facilitation.  

Building Blocks

To A Happier You

cognative-behaviour- kinga-coaching-happiness-goal-setting-contentment

Life Coaching

Life Coaching


Art Therapy Life Coaching

Art Therapy Life Coaching

Family and Systemic Constellation


Family and Systemic Constellation

Enneagram Coaching


Enneagram Coaching


Higgins Numerology

Higgins Numerology


Intuitive Energy/ Reiki Healing

Intuitive Energy/ Reiki Healing

Inner Child/ Inner Part Constellation


Inner Child/ Inner Part Constellation

Animal Constellation


Animal Constellation


Laughter Therapy/ Yoga

Laughter Therapy/



Inner Child Workshop

Integrative EQ Development/ 

Inner Child 



Upcoming Events

  • Systemic Family Constellation Workshop
    Sat, Dec 11
    FiXiT Health Hub
    Dec 11, 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM GMT+2
    FiXiT Health Hub, ​113, Martha Rd, Fontainebleau, Randburg, 2032, South Africa
    Family and Systemic Constellation Workshop with @kingaszilagyi @innerluminescence Date: 11 September 2021 Place: Fixit Health Hub, 113 Martha Road, Fontainebleau, Randburg Time: arrival 8.30-9 a, finish around 3.30 pm Price: R750 to constellate, R250 to Participate Beverages are provided.
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My patient's feedback is exceptionally important to me, it helps me gauge where I am in terms of client satisfaction and, gives me valuable insight into the improvements that my clients have made from when I  started to work with them to where they currently are in their personal progress.


That’s why Inner Luminescence is so invested in making sure that you are happy with all of the health treatments and services I offer!


Here is some of the feedback I have received to date and would graciously accept all response to the experience you have shared in working with me……


For more information about Inner Luminescence, Programs, Activities, and more, don’t hesitate to contact me!


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