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Therapy Session

Your Free Introductory  Session With Kinga

Meet me!

Book your free introductory session. Let's decide together what is the best way forward on your journey towards inner peace and contentment.

No Strings Attached

Calm Woman

Calmness and Grounding

Bring stillness into your life with these easy, short, calming and grounding exercises.

Contact me for your free pdf. file

Art Class

Connect With Your Creative Inner Child

Enrich your everyday life.

Use these practical  techniques, activities and connect to the playfulness and joy inside you.

Contact me for your free pdf. file

Hands Holding a Dove

Ask For Distant Healing

Everything, including us humans, are built from energy. Energy is all around us. It doesn't know borders, it doesn't know distance.

Every Wednesday between 4.40 and 5.00pm, Johannesburg, South Africa (GMT+2) I'm sending distant healing to whoever needs it. 

Would you like to receive healing?

Let me know 

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