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I am Kinga Szilagyi, the founder of Inner Luminescence. A practice I set up to support clients who wish to experience peace, healing, and their full potential in this fast-paced, frequently overwhelming life. My strength is in enabling clients to restore inner peace and balance, at your own pace. Together, we work to bring limiting beliefs, patterns, negative attitudes about the self and unmet needs to your conscious mind to be gently transformed. 


Every session is as unique as the client. I draw from a range of techniques and may integrate one or more of the following: Family and Systemic Constellations, Emotional Intelligence, Cognitive Behavior, Life and Business Coaching, Counseling, Art Therapy, Laughter Therapy, Transpersonal Numerology,  and Intuitive Healing practices. I offer one-to-one, group, and corporate facilitation. Currently I'm deepening my knowledge about the fascinating system of the Enneagram with Aephoria Enneagram Professional Training Program, which will add to my diverse knowledge base. 


My career background is in business leadership and development. I have a Masters degree in Horticulture Engineering from Budapest University and Postgraduate in Marketing from Budapest University of Economics. This has given me invaluable insight into team dynamics and what it takes to build and run a successful business, be a great employee, and a courageous leader. 


Personally, I love to spend quality time with my partner Alex, friends, and my beloved animals: Latte, Lola, Tasi, Fiona, and Alice. 


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