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Integrate Happiness Into

Your Life.

Fulfillment is when you live your life according to your core values. But, what are they? The processes during the sessions give you the opportunity to recognize and re-evaluate your beliefs and values, and only keep the ones that are beneficial for you. When you base your decisions on who you really are at your core, being in balance and happiness follows automatically. 

Treatments: Treatments


Create The Life You Want

Art therapy uses art materials and the creative process to explore emotions, reduce anxiety, increase self-esteem. There's more to art therapy than simply “drawing your feelings.” Art therapists are trained to lead people through the creative process in a therapeutic way. In a humanistic or transpersonal approach to art therapy, the focus will be on the personal meaning that you find within your own creative work, rather than an arbitrary meaning imposed by the therapist. The best part is FUN!



Unburden Yourself And

Your Business

Family Constellation is a powerful method to help you recognize difficult entanglements, both in your family of origin as well as in your present family or relationship. Solution-oriented interventions bring understanding, which is followed by a deep relaxation that allows love to flow again between members of the family system. Constellations are usually carried out with a group of people, where the members of the group take on roles of representatives. However, it also works in individual sessions where chairs or other symbols can be used to represent the positions of family members.

Organizational Constellations (business, systemic) reveal hidden dynamics in key areas such as leadership, conflict resolution, relationships between stakeholders or between founders and their successors, culture change, management of innovation & organizational restructuring. “A constellation shifts people's perception of where problems come from and suggest ways to move forward differently, that strengthen and build. The new perspectives allow issue-holders fresh insights, a renewed sense of possibility of a strong focus on action. In addition, a synchronous shift sometimes takes place in the real organization or community that has been represented. “ (Judith Hemming)


Understand Yourself And Others In Your Life

Enneagram is the revolutionary system of the 9 psychological types that helps you to understand yourself and others in your life.  It is much more than a personality profile that offers insight into core personality traits, as it delves deeper into the core motivations, defence mechanisms and fears that often lie in the unconscious layers of our personality structure. Your Enneagram core type is like a home base from which we make sense of individuation, integration and development. Other words used to describe the idea of ‘type’ include resonance, identification, lens, perspective or style.


It is important to keep in mind that different Enneagram styles may display similar behaviour. The Enneagram styles are not based on behaviour alone, and outward behaviour can be deceiving when exploring the Enneagram. To distinguish between styles, it is important to access motivation – to explore why a person chooses to act in a certain way and why acting in that way is valued by that individual. (Integrative9)




Decode Your Personality And Your Synergy With Others

Your birth date contains a hidden code that is the key to better understanding your personality.  Questions you can find answers to through your transpersonal numerology reading are about what motivates you, what is your life purpose and more. 

We are individuals who are part of a family and society. Our public and private selves are often not the same. With the help of transpersonal numerology, you can understand why it happens. 

Would you like to know more about your hidden dynamics in your relationship with your loved one, or business partner? Together we can analyze your combined charts and help you to discover and understand its underlying dynamics.


Heal By Relaxation And De-Stressing

This ancient Japanese healing technique helps you to detox and self-heal yourself on every level. Our physical body gets sick, experiences pain and toxic overload, but there is a lot more behind illness than just physical reasons. Reiki heals the root cause of your illness and aids with discomfort. Its healing goes beyond your physical body and heals you on a holistic level. As a Reiki master myself, I can help to gently accelerate your healing progress.




Change Your Relationship With Yourself And Merge Into Wholeness

This work is about re-framing and re-integration of forgotten or misused parts of the Self. Every part of us is important and deserves permission to shine and come forward to support us.

When you reclaim your missing inner parts a sudden excitement and creative surge can be felt. This leads to a burst of energy which fuels your life force.



Heal Your Animal By Healing Yourself

Those of us who have worked with animals and who have shared our lives with them recog­nize the depth of their wisdom. Every individual animal has a unique gift to offer. In our lives, we will attract the animals from whom we have the most to learn. In the session, you gain insight into the true, hidden causes of the current behavior or health issues. Through the processes, profound healing and change can occur for the animals and the owners. 

How does this work benefit animals and their people? Because of their unconditional love and loyalty, animals can take on issues or problems that don’t belong to them. Sometimes the problems we see the animals struggling with, are the same ones their owners are also struggling with.  These might show up as illnesses or behavioral problems that cannot be resolved using conventional methods.  Often the animals feel immediate relief, as they are no longer required to bring their owner’s attention to the issue. It immediately shows the true picture of a situation, not just for the facilitator, but also for the client. The truth is right there in front of your eyes! The feeling of weight off your shoulders is incredible.  



Laughter For Your Health

Orchestrated Laughter has been designed to take you through some exercises that help you laugh continuously (with little brakes in between)  for 20 - 30 minutes. The benefits of the healing method include stress relief, enhanced feeling of happiness, and 


Ideal for team building in a fun way.


Give Yourself The Love You Are Looking For

Your Inner Child is an aspect of you which was once free and happy, an aspect of you which was then 'tamed', bound and wounded through neglect, shame, guilt, anger, and manipulation.

 As little children, we form our opinions of the world and of ourselves by watching our parents. More often than not, what is modeled to us, leaves us with shame related to our bodies, damaged self-esteem, fear, anxiety,  anger issues, and a lot more.

When a parent's inner child is traumatized and unhealed, this wounded inner child responds to life situations instead of the healthy, stable adult the parent is supposed to be. This wounded inner child comes out and hurts the son or the daughter when they trigger the parent, thus passing on the trauma, addictions and repetitive patterns.

This course helps you locate that lost and wounded inner child within you, reconnect with and reclaim the abandoned parts of you so that you can be joyous, curious, creative, carefree, trusting, and vulnerable.

Are you ready to be free from everything that is holding you back?

 Here is what this  program brings you:

• Daily exercise/ meditation to identify and         release childhood trauma

• Guidance on the daily spiritual practice to maximize the potential for healing 

• Understand the working of the mind and how it traps you

•  Learn to differentiate between traits of healthy and unhealthy families

•  Understand the inner child and the various types of wounds you carry

•  Lifestyle changes to heal the identified childhood trauma

•  Heal various parts of childhood and the specific types of wounds they bring

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