Visual Testimonial From Sara Cesare

I did an online family constellation session with Kinga a few weeks ago. As Kinga herself explained, family constellation can have a ripple effect and it can take a while for the effects to be seen. So who knows, if there is still energy working since then for more results, but what I know for a fact is that since our session I seem to feel more grounded and especially more hopeful, which is a feeling I haven't felt in over 10 years. In fact, since then I have booked also 3 online Reiki sessions, and I can't begin to explain how they made me feel. And how Kinga makes me feel. I know in one of them she channeled my dad because she said something so distinctive that could only be related to him and this made me feel supported and loved, when I thought my beloved dad had completely abandoned me, from wherever he is.
But one thing that I really put the emphasis on is actually Kinga , her professionalism and her delivery in her services. Her humanity, availability, and support are second to none. She has been there anytime I have needed her, also at very short notice. Her empathy is something you hardly find in the world these days and I can't express my gratitude enough to her for all her support. I recommended her to my partner, who did a family constellation session with her to a couple of days ago, and I honestly would highly recommend her

Sara Cesare

Sand Dunes


Sand Dunes

Lesley Thomson

I highly recommend Kinga as an empathetic, highly intuitive and knowledgeable healer. I have experienced her Inner Child work as well as her understanding of Trans-personal numerology which is extensive. As for her training in Family Constellations which she facilitates... WOW! I trust her and the process completely. She has the insight and ability to get to the crux of the matter and hold the space allowing to you surrender fully to the process. She is incredibly supportive and has been available for me whenever emotions/issues have surfaced for me after a session. This is a very gifted special soul.

Kenn Yeates

I was introduced to Kinga via my girlfriend and didn't know a lot about family constellations prior to dealing with her. She explained the process in a way that I could easily follow. During our discussion, I recalled things and people that I hadn't thought of or dealt with for a long time. 
There are still a lot of things that I am processing from our consultation but I feel stronger and more focused after it. 
If you are looking at doing a family constellation I would highly recommend working with Kinga. She takes things step by step and I found myself feeling very relaxed with her after a very short time.
After the session, Kinga made the point of asking if I had any questions at the time I didn't but she made it clear that she would be happy to help with any questions that may have occurred to me after the session in the subsequent days to come.

Sav Goldridge

I have had the pleasure of experiencing Kinga as a Coaching and Constellations Practitioner. She has an ability to hold a safe space for her clients and engage in a compassionate, professional and warm manner in each session be it a group or individual context. Kinga has co-facilitated with me at clients and I have found her to be professional and knowledgeable and extremely easy to work with.

I highly recommend her as a coach and constellation practitioner.

Nicole Klassen

Having spent a lot of time with Kinga , I have been privileged to see her work in quite a few of the modalities she is thoroughly proficient in, to mention a few are reiki, family constellations, and of course Integrative EQ Development Workshop!

It is of no surprise to me that her understanding  nature persuades you to explore aspects of serious issues in your life that you may have neglected.

She has a knack for looking at situations with a slightly different perspective enabling you to view the whole puzzle where we ourselves are sometimes just focused on one piece.

Her personal wisdom and insight seem to be the exact ingredient that your situation requires at the time. 

I would however say that overall these amazing qualities her greatest strength and your biggest gift, will be the personal empowerment and the guiding tools you are left with, after a very successful interaction with this amazing person.

Halene Joseph


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