Welcome to the 21 Days  Emotional "Weight Loss" -The Art Of Letting Go Course!


Thank you for choosing my program as a way to assist your body, heart, mind and spirit on the journey towards emotional freedom.


The wisest way to live is to incorporate the task of letting go into our everyday life. A quiet mind allows us to open our heart. We can achieve this by letting go of our hopes, fears, pains, hurts, past and the stories that have a hold on us.


When we let go with love, gratefulness and respect, we get to keep all the knowledge we gained, and in the same time we are freed from past disappointments, grudges, betrayals, fears that were binding us to a traumatic past.


There is nothing to be feared about the process, remember, we are not getting rid of something, but gently letting go of what doesn’t serve us anymore.


How to use this program and what is included?


The program includes a healing meditation and additional practical tools and information.


To utilize this program to your best advantage, I encourage you to allocate at least 25 minutes a day as your “letting go” time. Daily self-care time planned into your schedule shouldn’t be considered a luxury, but an absolute necessity for your well-being and health.


First listen to the Letting Go meditation and then move on to one of the extra materials.

Some days the meditation or the exercise you have chosen may challenge you a bit, as they ask you to go beyond outdated, old beliefs and behaviors. You will find that the same images, feelings and past events might come back many times over and it feels like you can not let them go. Do not despair; as you continue to practice they will eventually fade. Your mind eventually will trust the process enough to let your heart lead.


From the technical side, as soon as you complete your online payment, or if you pay with an offline payment and it's manually marked the order as paid, a confirmation email is sent containing a link to download the product. The link is valid for 30 days.


I sincerely hope that much joy enters into your life while working with this course.


Wish you the best of health and healing


Kinga Szilagyi

21 Days Emotional "Weight Loss" - The Art Of Letting Go Program