Welcome to Your 21 Days Confidence Action Plan Course!


Thank you for choosing my program as a way to assist your body, heart, mind and spirit on the journey towards a more confident you.


This program is based on the healing power of meditation and complementary exercises that gradually change your relationship with yourself from a strict “parent” to a loving guardian.


How to use this program and what is included?


The program includes Unlock Your Full Potential meditation and additional practical tools and information.


To utilize this program for the best of your advantage, I would encourage you to allocate at least 20 minutes a day for your me-time and healing. Daily self-care time planned into your schedule shouldn’t be considered a luxury, but an absolute necessity for your wellbeing and health.


Build it into your daily life to listen to the Unlock Your Full Potential meditation.


There are also extra exercises and insights linked to this program. Some may challenge you a bit, as they may ask you to go beyond outdated, old beliefs and behaviours. I’m not asking you to change your opinion about anything if you don’t want to. The things that are needed to do this program are to be open minded to try something new for the next 21 days, some time allocated for yourself and a bit of determination and staying power. The exercises are deep yet fun. More you work with them better your results will be.


From the technical side, as soon as you complete your online payment, or if you pay with an offline payment and it's manually marked the order as paid, a confirmation email is sent containing a link to download the product. The link is valid for 30 days.


I sincerely hope that much joy enters into your life while working with this course.


May you recognize the limitless potential that’s called you


Kinga Szilagyi

21 days Confidence Action Plan