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What is #familyconstellation? Imagine that you are swimming in the ocean and you would like to get to the shore. You have done quite a distance,you have invested a lot of energy into getting ahead in the water. Just to realise, that you are swimming around in a big circle.Maybe you feel confused or angry. You have a question: How could this happen? You look around and when you look down on your feet you suddenly notice, that there is a rope tied around one of your ankles. You try to pull on the rope with no success. You try to pull on it even harder, but the rope doesn’t give. It goes down deep into the depth of the ocean. You cannot see what is tied at the other end of the rope. You reach a point when you realize that you need help. This is the point where a #familyconstellation facilitator can come in to assist you. The facilitator is the one who dives down with you into that deep unknow and together you find the origin of the rope and cut it. Freeing yourself. This story represents the past, yours and your family of origin's, the history which is holding you back. Only you know when is the right time for you to cut the rope. Are you ready to be free?

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