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Colour In Your Life SA Workshop has been designed to take you back to your sense of YOU that is separate from everything you do. It's the "you" that is concerned with being rather than doing. It's who you are. It's your starting place. When you push your emotional reset button, you again feel connected to yourself, and again feel able to take charge of what's happening in your life. You get on the front end instead of the back end of things. You can be proactive instead of reactive. You can breathe.

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It’s not what we get in life or how we are perceived that makes us happy. It’s who we become — how we live our lives and who we are as a person. People can take away all of the “things,” but who you are, no one can take that from you

That’s why reconnecting with yourself is not just something you “should” do, it’s something you “must” do. It gives you a chance to celebrate your gifts and understand what really drives you.

When you know this, the more you are able to show up for others, the more value you can add to the world around you.

Why are you settling for less than you can be, share, give or create? Perhaps it is because of the patterns you have already created, and therefore you may need to try something different like our workshop.

The Colour In Your Life SA Workshop is a uniquely powerful gentle way to develop an enhanced and deepened connection with your true self. It is an opportunity to take responsibility, a conscious action that aligns you, with who you really are through expressing your passions, strengths, values and desires and becoming more whole. . It is only when you accept who you truly are that you can access the potential of who you could be.

Connecting with yourself can change you, open you and heal you, and it can all happen because you have begun to love yourself and see the positive in life. You can look around and see that the world is a different and more beautiful place because you are different and more beautiful. You emerged on the other side of the looking glass. You can be on this beautiful path; a positive life path, walking hand-in-hand, with the dreamers, believers, lovers and keepers of the vision of a kinder and more beautiful world.

Because sharing love with another who is also filled up with love and sharing it with you, is the most fulfilling and joyful experience in your life.

By the end of this workshop you can achieve all this and more. Like how to create abundance, health and wealth, how to reclaim joy, fun and creativity, how to bring back enthusiasm, direction and structure, how to build meaningful friendships, connected-ness and love or how to feel renewed trust, confidence and peace in your life.


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